9th Annual Volleyball Bash for a Cure

WHEN: October 5th & 6th

WHERE: O'Brien's Pub - MAP

SILENT AUCTION: Saturday 12pm to 5pm - Raffle tickets are available on site.

HOG ROAST: 1pm until it is gone!

COST: The entry fee is $180 per team and gets you 6 t-shirts and 6 free meal tickets if signed up by Aug. 31st!

SIGNUP: Contact Kristi or Keith at O’Brien’s to sign up: 320-393-9154 or email Jill at budsjill [at] yahoo.com


The 9th Annual Volleyball bash for a Cure will be held at O'Briens in Rice on Friday, October 5th & Saturday, October 6th.

The Volleyball Bash for a Cure committee is a 501(c)3 non-profit organized to raise funds each fall, hosting a sand volleyball tournament, raffle, and silent auction. 2016's event made it possible to donate $15,000 to the CentraCare Foundation for our local friends and family affected with cancer.


Our group's main objective is to positively impact a cancer patient's treatment journey by donating to cancer resources and research in Greater Minnesota.

The event planning committee is made up of family and friends who have joined together after many of their lives and the lives of their loved ones have been touched by cancer. It is a truly inspiring event to be a part of!


We'll be releasing all event information soon but until then start getting your team together and spread the word!



Volleyball Bash for a Cure

Must be 21 or older to play

Co-ed 6 person volleyball league rules

  • We ask all teams are at O’Brien’s at least 20 minutes before their scheduled start time.
  • First game must begin within 10 minutes after start time or 1st game is forfeited.
  • No glass outside of bar area.
  • Game scoring will be rally scoring to 21, must win by 2 points.
  • All games in loser’s bracket is rally scoring to 15. Must win by 2 points
  • Must have equal or greater number of women players.
  • Both teams must agree on the game ball used or it will default to an O’Brien’s Pub ball.
  • When a team hits the volleyball over the net:
    • Two hits can involve two women or a man & a woman.
    • Three hits can involve three women or a combination of both genders.
  • Start of match:
    • First game volley for serve or side.
    • Second game loser starts.
    • Third game volley for serve or side and switch sides when combined score reaches 15. This rule is at team’s discretion while playing. A team may enforce this rule at will.
  • Serving:
    • If the ball hits the net and goes over, it will be considered a good ball and in play. If the ball goes out of bounds after hitting the net the opposing team will receive the next serve.
    • Blocking a serve is OK.
    • Setting a serve is OK.
    • No spiking on a serve is permitted.
  • Hits from the back row:
    • If moving up from the back row (during a ball in play) you are allowed to block but not hit. You may hit from the back row if you are behind the 10 foot line. This is sand vball and honor system must be used on this rule.
  • Games are refereed on honor system.
  • Each match is allotted 45 minutes of time. Teams are responsible to keep the games moving along. If at ten minutes prior to the next match start time it is clear the match will not be completed you will need to rally score to the end of the match.
  • Players may jump into game as they arrive.
  • There is no roster or limited amount of players per team.
  • Any person may sub or play on more than one team.
  • Touching the Net:
    • A player may touch the middle or bottom of the net during play if it does not affect the course of the ball in motion.
    • A player may not touch the top 4” or “the top ribbon” of the net or it is ruled a dead ball and opposing team receives the serve and point if rally scoring is in play.
    • A player at no time may cross under the plane of the net onto the opposing teams side or it will be ruled deadball and the opposing team receives the serve and point if rally scoring is in play. This is sand vball and honor system must be used on this rule.
  • The only time a player may reach over and break the top plane of the net is if the opposing team is on their third contact. You may not reach over the net if the opposing team is on their first or second contact.

9th Annual Volleyball Bash for a Cure